We work hard to deliver reliable, performance driven audio, video, control and lighting systems.

Our designs help you create distinction, consistency, and a leveraged advantage in your marketplace. Our integrated solutions come together through a holistic approach that makes an impact and evokes a defining experience with your clients.

Our work is predicated on a commitment to excellence and diligence.

Through expert engineering and superior craftsmanship the science of integration becomes art. We are proudly located in Calgary and provide our services throughout Alberta and Western Canada.

With an unmatched track record, we are defined as vanguards in our industry.

Leadership Team


The Intuitive
Jordan Van Dyke
Associate / Senior Systems Designer / Sales Consultant

Jordan joined the dbi Systems team in 2010 and has since become an integral part of the company’s continued success and progression. As the critical-thinker, Jordan brings a balance that represents the human experience in a traditionally technologically-focused industry. His constant pursuit of greater conceptual understanding and perfected execution helps propel dbi Systems to the forefront of the A/V industry.

Jordan takes great pride in instilling and maintaining a culture of advancement within the company. Believing that every aspect of each project should carry the same level of high-calibre execution, Jordan advocates for continual education and advancements in installation techniques in order to keep pace and set the standard for an ever-changing industry.

Today, Jordan is best known for his affinity for high fidelity music playback, which influences his day-to-day design choices. He strives to deliver this same emotional connection to clients. In an industry flooded with complex devices and jargon, Jordan aims to break down barriers for clients and focus on the end-user experience.

The Visionary
Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry has been in the field of A/V for close to forty years. When Jerry founded dbi Systems Integration in 2003 he was certain that it was time for a change in the industry. From day one, his vision was for a company that would deliver a customer centric experience in tandem with superior technological solutions.

Jerry believed there were people and businesses in the marketplace that wanted superior equipment, quality installations and reliable after-installation support. dbi Systems Integration was established to provide for these needs. A strong believer in doing things the right way, Jerry relentlessly pushed dbi Systems in that direction. dbi Systems soon established a reputation for doing the unconventional and going above and beyond what is commonly expected.

Today, dbi Systems is recognized as a company that is built on the strength of its relationships, not just its equipment sales. Jerry’s passion for excellence is realized by establishing sincere client interactions and ensuring that their expectations are fully met.

The Mad Scientist
Joshua Duguid
Associate / Senior Systems Designer / Sales Consultant

Since joining dbi Systems in 2014, Josh has become known for his leading edge technological expertise and a never-ending thirst for knowledge. Josh’s skill sets have helped to ensure that dbi Systems is continually at the industry forefront. Constant assessment and evaluation of new technologies paired with thoughtful client discovery enables Josh to ensure that our solutions are ground-breaking, powerful, user-friendly and representative of best-fit.

Josh began developing his appetite for technology early on with an immersive education in music performance and information technology. By playing in bands and programming computer systems, Josh developed an interest in A/V. Josh’s goal is to bridge the gap between the technology necessary for a project and the real-world needs of end-users.

Josh is well regarded for not only his technological capabilities, but also for his passion for people. Josh leverages his experience in client care and corporate training to the great benefit of our clients. He believes that no project is complete until the client feels completely comfortable using their system and realizing its fullest potential.

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